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The Williamsburg Colonial Garden Shed
Colonial Style Outdoor Sheds
Metal Backyard Storage Sheds
Wooden Storage Sheds
The Sequoia Outdoor Barn
Metal Backyard Storage Sheds The Vinyl Milford Steel Backyard Shed Metal Backyard Storage Sheds
The Phoenix Solar Shed and Greenhouse The Vinyl Milford Steel Backyard Shed

The Vinyl Murryhill 10 ft. Breeze Pergola
List Price: $2,099.99
Our Price: $1,494.99
List Price: $3,199.99
Our Price: $2,529.99
The Vinyl Murryhill 10 ft. Breeze Pergola
Vinyl Murryhill
Available in 6 Sizes!
The Breeze Pergola
The YardSaver Cabana Garden Shed (9x6)
List Price: $599.95
Our Price: $474.99
List Price: $3,499.99
Our Price: $2,794.99
The YardSaver Cabana Garden Shed
The YardSaver
Available in 2 Sizes!
The Cabana Garden Shed
The Pinehurst Colonial Garden Shed The Wood Workshop Shed
List Price: $6,299.99
Our Price: $2,199.95
List Price: $4,199.99
Our Price: $1,799.95
The Pinehurst Colonial Wood Shed The Workshop Shed
The Pinehurst Colonial Shed
Available in 17 Sizes!
The Wood Workshop Shed
Available in 17 Sizes!

Outdoor Garden Sheds and Storage Buildings

Whether your storage needs are large or small, we offer a variety of sheds to accommodate your needs. Our storage shed kits come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. From our cedar sheds to our vinyl sheds, you sure to find the size and visual appearance that you're looking for.

We offer a variety of metal storage sheds, vinyl storage sheds, plastic storage sheds, and even wood storage sheds. The advantage of such a shed is that it is more economical and convenient to you than rental storage. An outdoor shed also give you a way to successfully complete that garage clean out that you have long waited for. Whether you have a lawn mower, gardening tools, pool supplies, bicycles, or all of the above to store, we have storage sheds that offer the space you need and the appearance that you want. For large properties that require extra storage, we offer utility buildings that will meet your needs.

So how do you decide what kind of shed kit is best for you? Much depends on your storage needs, your budget, and what appearance you feel best compliments your property. Whether you rent or own your home, make sure to check with your home owners' association about any restrictions to outdoor storage sheds. You also need to consider the placement on your property, as your shed will be best placed on a flat surface. The storage shed kit you select may or may not include a floor, which may affect what type of shed foundation you choose. This is the case with many metal sheds. You may consider either a concrete slab, a floor of pressure-treated wood, or the foundation option included with many of the metal utility sheds. Many of our shed kits include foundation and anchor options if you require them.

Now you need to consider the make of your shed. Many people opt for a metal storage shed, a vinyl storage shed, or a plastic storage shed for easier assembly. These sheds are durable and offer resistance to scratches and dents. They also offer a variety of colors and roof styles that enhance their appearance. Some of our vinyl-coated steel storage sheds require minimum tools for assembly, thanks to snap-together units. While some of outdoor storage sheds are small and designed for tight spaces, many of our outdoor sheds are large enough for a riding lawn mower and other tools. For the gardening enthusiasts who need a garden storage shed that will enhance, and perhaps add to their garden, our wood shed kits are ideal, as they include features such as window boxes. Some people prefer the look of a wooden storage shed because of its rustic appearance. Finally, for those who need commercial size storage, a metal shed such as a utility building is the answer.

For those who are looking for a garden shed that will perfectly compliment their landscape, we have wood shed kits and steel storage sheds with a wood-grain appearance. Our wood sheds offer a unique rustic appearance that can serve as a storage shed, playhouse, or even a small retreat. We even offer cedar storage sheds that include functional windows. Regardless of how you use it, our wooden shed kits will offer a functional and attractive addition to your landscape.

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Featured Super Deal!

Newburgh Shed Kit

List Price: $549.95
Our Price: $429.95
The Newburgh Shed
The Newburgh Shed
Available in 2 Sizes!

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Homestead Shed - Severe Weather Building
Our Price: $1,239.99
The Greenfield Colonial Barn
Our Price: $1,999.95
Phoenix Solar Shed
Our Price: $1,799.95
Penthouse Garden Shed
Our Price: $4,494.99
The Williamsburg Colonial Wood Shed
Our Price: $2,849.95

New Products

The Stratford Schoolhouse Children's Playhouse
Our Price: $2,199.95
The Cape Cod
Our Price: $1,999.95
The Garage Shed
Our Price: $3,099.95
The Sweetbriar Cottage Children's Playhouse
Our Price: $999.95
The Grand Portico Mansion
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